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Ann Banduhn spent eight years compiling the information contained in her colossal new book on Rosenthal figurines.  She traveled to Germany a dozen times, and collected much information to aid her in validating the information presented.

Ann collected over 9,500 figurine images from the internet (primarily Ebay), and gained permission from over 1,600 image donors for possible inclusion in her book.  Her email folders contain over 3,500 messages to and from Rosenthal enthusiasts, sellers or collectors.

Ann was meticulous in the selection of sample sizes for the average internet prices presented in her book.  She excluded any out-lying prices (very high or very low) to yield the best average.  She also excluded any items deemed "damaged" from her samples.

Ann's background in project management in the Information Technology industry allowed her to create a plan, organize the information, and produce this book.  She designed the layout and format of the pages.  The actual production of the book took an additional two years, as she learned new software tools and techniques to optimize the content and appearance, sometimes having to "go back to square one." 

Ann looks upon this experience as exciting, educational, tedious, and fulfilling.  She has a passion for all things Rosenthal, and is looking forward to finishing her next book in the series.

Readers are encouraged to contact Ann with any new information or pictures that she was unable to locate.

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