Rosenthal Porcelain Figurines
Welcome to the Collector's Source for Rosenthal Porcelain Objects
"Rosenthal Porcelain Figurines" by Ann Banduhn is available now through this website. This is the first "category" of Rosenthal porcelain to be studied in full and presented in color.  Click on Book Preview for a brief preview of this book.

Coquette Breeze LLC publishes books about the Rosenthal company's porcelain objects produced since the early 20th century.

A series of books are planned over the coming years, with the first completed book featured here on this website.

Other categories of Rosenthal porcelain to be published in future are:

  • Vases - vintage and contemporary
  • Giftware - trinket dishes, candle holders, ashtrays, etc.
  • Collector Plates / Chargers - Christmas, Wiinblad, Versace
  • Dinnerware and table accessories

Ann has accumulated much information already for these future volumes, and is fast at work on the next book, gathering & organizing her data and pictures.

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